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Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai


Krua Supanniga by Khun Yai


Krua Supanniga by Khunyai brings grandma's favorite eastern-thai recipes to Khon Kaen


Supanniga Home Boutique Hideaway also serve fine authentic Thai dishes and delicious drinks with the opening of Krua Supanniga by Khunyai. From the golden walls to the dramatic vaulted ceilings, the intimate 60-seat restaurant is whimsically-fashioned and lid to create a romantic and appetizing atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner or that long awaited family reunion—any occasion where you need to impress. Set among towering trees and well-manicured garden, the restaurant gives a vibe of being in a secret garden kept privately for you.


The food served at Krua Supanniga by Khunyai is nothing but ordinary. From Moo Cha-muang curry, to Kaeng Pa Sub Nok, to Pu-jah—some of these recipes have long been lost in the pages of a Thai history book. The late owner of the recipes, Khun Yai Somsri Chantra, brought these delicacies with her to Khon Kaen when she moved from Trad Province. Thirty years later, Krua Supanniga by Khunyai is finally sharing these treasures with the public!


Pair your delicious food with the restaurant's selections of wine or signature cocktail and mocktail drinks, such as Vertical Recline, Horizontal Upright, Virgin Water Melon Mojito—to name a few.


Krua Supanniga by Khunyai is a warm and welcoming place filled with familial love. It is this love that fed the stomachs and the hearts of Khunyai Somsri's family for years.