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Welcome to Supanniga Home Boutique Hideaway! Whether you are looking for a comfortable accommodation while visiting Khon Kaen in Northeastern Region of Thailand or a peaceful and exclusive destination for your next getaway, Supanniga Home will surely fulfill and exceed your expectations. Located only 10 minutes from downtown Khon Kaen, the boutique garden resort encompasses 16 acres of private garden landscape and three different villas, each with its own unique and modern style.


Supanniga Home offers ultra-hip, contemporary-styled cottages, as well as amenities found in luxury hotels. In addition to the comfort and privacy of the villa rooms, guests will enjoy access to kitchenette, decorative gardens, groves of fruit trees, architectural landscaping, and oversized Jacuzzi pool (in Velu Villa only). Furthermore, all cottages are designed to take full advantage of the beautiful nature and the great outdoor; the modern and exotic touches of Supanniga Home will make your vacation to Thailand's Isan region an experience you'll remember for years!


Words from the owner   Our guests' favorite   Moment of Happiness

I am humbled by the ever-changing aspect of nature. It awakens a sense of creativity in me and gives me constant inspiration to transform my garden with it. I am truly happy as an observer of mother nature, and as a creator of a beautiful place that compliments her grandeur.

    My favorite activity is sipping hot Puer tea underneath the mango trees' branches and shade. From here, I await friends and passer-bys with whom to strike a flavorful conversation that makes the tea even more tasteful.

Once, Supanniga Home received a loving couples who spent the entire stay inside their villa. Every evening, the gentleman would cook a delicious gourmet meal for his lady, and also share his creations among other guests and hotel staff.

Mother Nature paints different colors on every flower, leave, and bush in Supanniga Home as seasons progress. Young lovers, brides and grooms like to visit our garden and take snapshots of a beautiful memory. In Supanniga Home, couples would spend endless hours exploring different corners on the property. Supanniga Home is eternalized in their memories as their pictures will forever remind them of a happy moment they can share for life.